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Prime Beef is Highest Graded Beef!


Prime beef is the highest grade of beef because of its exceptional marbling, tenderness, and flavor. The even distribution of fat throughout the meat makes it perfect for cooking methods that require high heat, and its rich, buttery flavor is difficult to match with other types of beef. Additionally, the rarity of Prime beef makes it a premium product that is highly valued by steak lovers and chefs alike.

Another reason why Prime beef is considered the highest grade of beef is that it is quite rare. Only about 2% of all beef in the United States is graded as Prime, which means that it is a premium product that is difficult to find. This rarity, combined with its exceptional quality, makes Prime beef a highly sought-after commodity.

USDA Grades of Beef In Order:

  1. Prime – Very Rare and Very Expensive
  2. Choice – Wide Range Between Top Choice and Lower Choice
  3. Select   
  4. Standard

Where To Buy the Best Grades of Beef:

  1. Online Beef Delivery (See Below)
  2. Best Value On Prime and Choice Beef – (See Below)

There are 4 Major Meat Packers in the US

Did You Know There Is Now A Fifth Beef Company That Is Vertically Integrated From Start To Finish and Only Sells Prime & Top Choice Beef Direct To Consumer, At Affordable Prices?

Vertically integrated, meaning they control quality in every step of the process, including the genetics and breeding of the cattle, ranching the cattle, the farms that grow the feed, what is fed to the cattle and ensure the cattle are free from antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs, and lastly the beef is processed in a brand new state-of-the-art meat processing plant! They control the entire supply chain from start to finish to provide the best. Watch the Video below and you will be shocked!

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